The Last Amazon Trilogy (C64)

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Save the rainforest from terrorists

The Last Amazon Trilogy is a free action video game bundle that lets you play the enhanced versions of The Last Amazon series. Developed by Psytronik Software, this package includes the first and second games, the special edition, and a bonus game that’s similar to the other three. You can play this trilogy on either a Commodore 64 (C64) emulator or a C64 console by porting the files onto the proper hardware.

Made for the modern platforms

The Last Amazon is a pixelated action-shooter video game, developed by Alf Yngve for the Commodore 64 platform. A SEUCK game (Shoot ’em up Construction Kit) originally produced in 1993, this action title follows the story of a young UNICEF worker who got lost in the Amazon rainforest but eventually defeated the illegal drug trade there. Its sequel, The Last Amazon 2, features her moving to America but clashing with her old enemy once more.

In this trilogy, the first and second games have been given enhancements on graphics, weapon power-ups, new loading screens, soundtracks, and gameplay. It also includes The Last Amazon - Special Edition, which is a 2008 unique side-scroller remix of the first game by the original developer. This version has upgraded weapon range and more inventive fight sequences—and has been given the enhanced makeover, as well. The first game was even given a new introduction cutscene.

Lastly, included in the bundle is Amazon Tales by Richard Bayliss, a game similar to The Last Amazon series in terms of music and graphics. The whole package features a disk version, a tape version, and a program file version of the games. These work on the C64Mini/Maxi systems and the developer recommends you using VICE for the emulator. Performance-wise, these old games still have some issues, but they’ve definitely been polished.

For nostalgia

Overall, The Last Amazon Trilogy is a nice treat for fans of the series or any C64 shooter game fans. Not only have the titles been revamped, but you can also transfer them to physical disks for more authentic gameplay experience. There are still some limits to the programming’s capabilities, but this is a highly-recommended package for anyone wanting to try these titles out.


  • Enhanced versions of the games
  • Has a bonus game
  • Can be ported to hardware
  • Can be played on an emulator


  • Some parts in the games get you stuck and frustrated
  • Repetitive in some sequences


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The Last Amazon Trilogy (C64)


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